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Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Lindsay Lohan's gotta shop, even when she might not be able to afford the bills. Page Six claims the newly minted reality starlet had her credit cards rejected last weekend while shopping with a friend in New York.

It seems Lohan, whose magpie-like ability to collect clothing and accessories has filled more than a few hotel rooms, found something she liked at trendy Rag & Bone. The price was a relatively thrifty (for her) $300, but the paper says that when she went to pay, "both" of her credit cards were declined.

"She looked really embarrassed and tried to negotiate before her friend finally stepped in and paid," says a source.

It's unclear how Lindsay tried to negotiate (perhaps, "Give it to me for free and I'll tell Oprah how nice you are?"), but fingers crossed that she's banked some of the money she pocketed from the OWN docuseries, because we fear rainy days ahead.

Her rep, for the record, calls the credit card story "completely false."

You'll recall that OWN fronted LiLo the funds to lease a Manhattan apartment and move out of her overpacked hotel room. "It was affecting my mental state, being in that room, with all that clutter," she said on the show. "It was hard."

In related news, Radar Online claims she's had to part ways with the put-upon assistant featured on her show because of a lack of funds. Matt Harrell apparently received his walking papers once production wrapped.

"Lindsay would love to have Matt back as her assistant, but she just can't afford him," contends a source. "He did a really good job for her."


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