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In her 55th year and with two divorces under her iconic "Boy Toy" belt, Madonna knows exactly what she wants in a guy: He should be athletic, bendy, non-American and still in his twenties. On the heels of her breakup with 28-year-old French dancer Brahim Zaibat, the Big M has reportedly rebounded with a 26-year-old Dutch hoofer named Timor Steffens.

Last week, Steffens shared a photo that showed him snowboarding with Madonna's son Rocco during the family's holiday ski trip to Switzerland, the same getaway on which the 13-year-old posed with a bottle of liquor in a pic his mom posted to Instagram.

Madonna and Timor supposedly had "pretty intense" chemistry during a New Year's Eve party thrown by designer Valentino. Judge that chemistry for yourself in this photo from the evening's festivities (looks like Madge broke out her fanciest grill for the occasion).

"Some people at the party were whispering about how Madonna had just broken up with her ex, and now she's already with a new guy," a spy tells Radar Online. "Plus, you can't really ignore the fact that Timor is so much younger than Madonna. I mean, he's basically a replacement for her ex. He looks just like Brahim."

Still, "Madonna didn't give a [bleep] that people were whispering," adds the source. "She was really showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place."

When contacted for comment, Madonna's rep told us she has "no information" about the romance report.

Prior to her pas de deux with Zaibat, the pop icon enjoyed a year-plus dalliance with twentysomething Brazilian model Jesus Luz.


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