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Miley Cyrus recently told Marie Claire, "I am super-antisocial and such a homebody." But after a scissor-wielding intruder invaded her personal space on Saturday, she apparently decided to get out of the house, only to discover why she doesn't much like to interact with the general public.

TMZ and Gossip Cop report the peroxide-coiffed pixie, 19, is a criminal battery suspect (a misdemeanor) after she allegedly got into a scuffle at Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Here's the lowdown: An unknown man contends that an argument ensued after he and his pals accidentally bumped into a seat occupied by Miley's fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.

In his police report, the purported victim alleges Cyrus tried to break up the tussle, and in doing so, pushed him away and "hit him in the face."

Police, however, say he sported no visible injuries, and an eyewitness insists the starlet kept her fists to herself.

Huffs Cyrus' rep to E! News, "This claim is completely false and erroneous."

The incident remains under investigation (and Miley's version of "Stand by Your Man" is undoubtedly forthcoming).

Meanwhile, Madhouse overlord Jeff Beacher assures Gossip Cop that "nothing happened," adding that the accuser was "thrown out the theater" and is now "making up a story. He was harassing clients. We have a zero [rhymes with "swoosh"]-bag policy."

As for the man who was nabbed outside Miley's house, he was charged on Monday with trespassing and running (with scissors) from police.


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