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In grand tabloid tradition, Star magazine is celebrating the one-year anniversary of accusing Ashton Kutcher of stepping out on Demi Moore (roundly denied) by once again speculating about the state of their union.

"It's over!" blares the tab's latest cover (via Lainey Gossip). "Demi & Ashton's $290 million divorce!"

Further fueling the rumor mill: Demi's solo and worryingly slimmed-down appearance at Monday's New York premiere of Lifetime's "Five"; her recent spate of self-affirming tweets about having "your own back," how "1+1=1," and how she's "trying to find the light I lost"; the couple's recent lack of tweets to each other; and some wholly unsubstantiated allegations by a woman who claims to know a woman who claims to have spent some quality time with Kutcher late last week.

The couple marked their six-year wedding anniversary on Sept. 24.

Meanwhile, E! News says the newly minted "Two and a Half Men" star enjoyed a boys night out on Friday (i.e. the day before his wedding anniversary) with pals Danny Masterson, Eric Balfour and Michael Pena in San Diego, where they partied at a local hot spot.

Kutcher was supposedly "on the lookout for eligible ladies for his single friends," but sniffed to his buddies that "none of them were hot-tub worthy." (The ladies presumably sniffed back that the scruffy actor's shaggy hair and beard would clog the drain anyway.)

That same day, Moore tweeted what could be a completely innocuous inspirational quote from Epictetus: "When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger."

Reps for the pair have yet to respond to our request for comment on this latest round of rumblings, but during an April sit-down with Piers Morgan, they were asked what makes their marriage a success.

"It's working on the relationship when the relationship is good," explained Ashton, 33. "Not letting it go flat, and finding things to work on together."

Offered Demi, 48, "You have to make your relationship a priority. ... I think we spend very little time apart."


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