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If Prince Harry has regrets about his recent split with Cressida Bonas, he didn't let them show on Wednesday night. He quietly partied (and chatted up a brunette) in Miami as part of the bachelor festivities for his pal Guy Pelly, who's marrying a hotel heiress this weekend in Memphis. The ginger-haired royal, 29, likely welcomed the change of scenery, what with speculation still swirling over what did in his two-year romance with the blue-blooded blonde, 25. Here's a rundown of some of the reasons given …

While a source originally told People that Prince Harry found Bonas "too needy," another now says she's "very private" and didn't enjoy being in the public eye.

"She just got fed up with it," a Cressida confidant tells the Daily Beast. "She and Harry are very fond of each other, but she wants to have her own life."

Another Bonas pal assures the Daily Express, "She's the least needy person in the world."

Meanwhile, the London Daily Mail claims the split was precipitated by Bonas' "panic" at being on display at Pelly's wedding and her last-minute decision not to attend.

"Cressie was really happy last week and looking forward to their trip to America," relays a friend. "Things were very much on. Then, after the weekend she had canceled her plans and -- bang -- that was it. … It seems as if there is a bit of a standoff between her and Harry over things at the moment, and it's something of a mystery as to how long this will last: a week, a month, forever?"

But was it the travel plans that prompted the rift? The London Telegraph believes Bonas, an aspiring dancer and actress who is currently working an office job, argued with Harry over her $1,100 economy airfare. And that led to bigger issues.

"Cressida was due to go to the wedding but she was paying for her own ticket, and she could only just afford it," alleges a source. "The widespread opinion that she is a wealthy heiress is complete rubbish, so it was quite a stretch to go to Guy Pelly's wedding. Guy is not a close friend of hers, so there would have been no point in going if she and Harry were splitting up."

Squabbles were apparently not uncommon. They had "just a few too many disagreements," a snitch tells Us. "Too much quarreling."

The Daily Mail spy believes immaturity also played a role: "The trouble is they are the rather spoiled babies of their families and they both have a massive sense of entitlement. No one gives way. She doesn't run when he calls, like most people do, and that drives him nuts."

The Telegraph insider suspects that, post-split, "Cressida will be OK, but Harry may have problems. Cressida has calmed him down a lot over the last two years."

As for the future, that's anyone's guess.

"They're at different places in their lives right now," says the Us source, "and they're still incredibly close."


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