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Most tourists leave New Zealand with the usual souvenirs -- a wool sweater, genuine possum socks or a "Kiwis do it better" coffee mug. But Rihanna doesn't want the usual. Instead, she's honored her trip with a lot of pain and a permanent ink stain.

The body art enthusiast decided to remember her trip by etching on a traditional Maori tattoo, which is applied not with a needle but with a thin, drumstick-looking mallet and small chisel.

Yeah, right there with ya: Yee-ouch.

RiRi's tat session was documented in a YouTube video posted by local musician Tiki Taane, which shows her trying (at times unsuccessfully) from wincing in pain as the Ta Moko design is hammered on to her hand, knuckles and wrist at a West Auckland tattoo studio. The result can be seen here.

On Wednesday, the chanteuse bid farewell to the country, which she was visiting as part of her seemingly endless Diamonds world tour.

"Bye Bye New Zealand!! I love you!!!" she tweeted. "Hate to leave....soon."


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