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Here come a bunch more "Blurred Lines" jokes. Robin Thicke has sicced his lawyer on a tabloid that alleges he and estranged wife Paula Patton were involved in "a consensual three-way relationship" with a massage therapist.

In a story ominously titled "Love Triangle Disaster," Star claims that the pair's supposed two-year entanglement with a mysterious masseuse called "Jasmine" (not her real name) imploded last summer when Patton caught Thicke "carrying on a separate affair behind her back."

Not true, insists the singer's lawyer, who sent a sternly worded letter to Star to discourage publication of the story (they published it anyway).

"On behalf of Mr. Thicke, as well as [the alleged masseuse], we categorically deny every assertion of fact posited in your email [asking for comment] and are certain there can be no reliable, trustworthy source of any such story, given its gross deviation from the truth," said his attorney (via Page Six and Gossip Cop). "Any purported source of such a story is lying. … Any publication of any aspect of a story asserting these facts will be false and defamatory, causing great damage to all three people mentioned."

The warning went on to say that "publication of this blatantly false story absent a failure to fully investigate the truth combined with reliance on what has to be a flimsy source, will support a finding that the story is published in wanton and reckless disregard of the truth, leading to a finding of malice and the imposition of actual and punitive damages."

No word on whether Robin is also planning to take aim at Life & Style over a story from the current issue purporting that he enjoyed a "no-pants party" at his Los Angeles home (he was supposedly in his "boxer-briefs").

High school sweethearts Thicke, 37, and Patton, 38, announced their separation in February amid talk that his eye (and hands) had wandered.

He spent much of the next month trying to woo the actress back with public messages of love, mostly in musical form. Neither has filed for divorce.


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