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A helping hand from a friend or a new honey? Speculation of a rebound romance began buzzing in earnest on Monday night when Michelle Williams, who called it quits with Jason Segel in February, was photographed leaving a Met gala afterparty hand-in-hand with New York artist Dustin Yellin.

The actress, 32, decked out in the black Saint Laurent dress and diamond headband she wore to the event, tried to shield her face from cameras as she followed a very casually dressed Yellin, 37, to his car.

For now, Williams' rep remains mum on the relationship rumors. On the surface, at least, a hookup for the creative pair would make sense.

Michelle split with Segal after a year of dating, ostensibly over her reluctance to commit. Word is, the New York-based mom of 7-year-old Matilda found it too difficult to maintain a long-distance romance with the Los Angeles-based funnyman.

That's a problem she wouldn't have with Yellin, who lives and works in the same Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn where she and Matilda moved last year.

Williams also wouldn't have to worry about picking up the tab. The Aspen-raised artist comes from a wealthy family and plunked down $3.7 million for a Civil War-era building in Red Hook with an eye toward turning it into an artist-based community. The space is currently undergoing renovations after it, and much of his artwork, were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Another thing they have in common: The movie business. Yellin, a sculptor and painter who is represented by Demi Moore's ex-boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, is set to release his first film, a documentary about a remote Amazonian tribe called "Little Grandfather."


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