Alex Yenni / Instagram 1 / 12
Alex Yenni / Instagram 1 / 12

Who does sad better, Keanu Reeves or Kanye West? Yeezy is once again set to become his very own depressed meme thanks to a newly surfaced photo from a 2012 trip he took to Mexico with Kim Kardashian.

The pic was apparently snapped during a zip-lining excursion the possibly already-hitched twosome took through the jungle with execrable "Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis.

It's an activity that typically results in multiple screams of "Wheeeeee!" But as a fully made-up Kim and her bountiful cleavage happily pose with an unknown gentleman, a woebegone Kanye sits glumly in the background, perhaps wondering what wrong turn led him to be helmeted, sweaty and in the company of a guy who commodified a lack of self-esteem in young women. He might also be trying to remember where, exactly, he left his pants.

The image was posted Friday on Reddit by one Alex Yenni with the following explanation: "Found it in a random zip-lining office in the middle of Mexico. They took it, and I don't think it's ever been online ..."

Meanwhile, Us Weekly says Kim and Kanye hope to start planning a sibling for 10-month-old North as soon as they get hitched in France on May 24.

"Kim would like to get pregnant right after the wedding," says a source, with another adding, "She wants her kids to be close in age."

Kardashian has acknowledged her first pregnancy wasn't easy, especially with the weight scrutiny she was under: "It's all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me."


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