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And here we thought the salad days of massive celebrity paychecks were pretty much over. The Hollywood Reporter says Sandra Bullock will earn at least $70 million (yes, seven-zero) for her lost-in-space performance in "Gravity," a career best cash-wise for the Best Actress Oscar nominee.

The astronomical math breaks down thusly: The actress pocketed $20 million upfront for signing on to the Alfonso Cuaron-directed astronaut drama. She also received 15 percent of "first-dollar gross," meaning the studio's box office receipts after her upfront fee is covered.

The film has so far raked in north of $700 million worldwide, and Warner Bros., the studio behind it, is expected to pocket around 45 percent of that. Bullock's cut from that chunk is estimated to be more than $30 million. She's also set to earn "at least" $20 million from home video, TV and other revenue streams, says THR.

How did the actress negotiate such a lucrative (and "highly unusual in today's marketplace") deal amid studio cutbacks? The trade says the timing was right: Bullock, 49, signed on to the physically demanding role in 2010, before the current big-name economizing.

She was coming off her Oscar win for "The Blind Side," and Warner Bros. was scrambling to cast a "megastar" lead after Angelina Jolie exited the project (someone may be kicking themselves right about now).

No word on what Sandra's only on-screen co-star, George Clooney, earned for the flick.


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