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Selena Gomez can't quit Justin Bieber, but the same doesn't apply to the other important people in her life. TMZ says the starlet, 21, has given the professional heave-ho to her mom and stepfather, who have been managing her career since she first found fame on the Disney Channel.

Selena reportedly handed Mandy and Brian Teefey their walking papers last month, removing them from all decision-making duties regarding her career. According to TMZ, "she feels she's outgrown her parents. She believes she's now old enough -- and famous enough -- to have a seasoned professional manager with other A-list clients."

Gomez has apparently disagreed with her mom and stepdad over both personal and career issues, but "family friction" did not prompt her decision. Seems they're all still close, although the Teefeys are less than thrilled over being fired.

The change comes just weeks after People reported that her family was against her Bieber reunion, which happened not long after she completed a short stint in rehab.

"No one's happy about it," said a spy. "But [her family] feels like they've done all they can and it's up to her. She has to figure it out on her own."

Selena, who joins Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson on the list of stars who have canned their manager parents, is currently searching for new representation.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the parental manager spectrum is Taylor Swift. Page Six says the senior Swifts have become "difficult and controlling stage parents" as they've taken the reins of her mega-successful career. The hands-on involvement of former financial professionals Scott and Andrea Swift has supposedly led to the exit of Taylor's high-powered agents, publicist and business managers.

"Taylor's parents are incredibly difficult to deal with," alleges a source. "Their expectations are enormous, and they are very hard to please. They want to pay as little as possible and treat people like [bleep], because they think those people are lucky to have the chance to work with a superstar like Taylor."

The Swifts are reportedly separated but decided against divorce because "they don't want to damage Taylor's career."

"Taylor's parents think they can do things better, and what makes things complicated is that they no longer live together," continues the spy. "They are not on the same page and don't even like to be in the same room. Andrea requests that her husband not be present at meetings. Taylor is incredibly smart and professional, but at some point she's going to need her parents to stop, before it turns into a total Katherine Heigl 'momager' situation."


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