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The shiny coating Simon Cowell has put on his tabloid-topping relationship with stork-awaiting squeeze Lauren Silverman seemed to suffer a few scratches this week. Following a spate of PDA-heavy outings during a European getaway, the pair were spotted having what looked to be an argument on Thursday as they were chauffeured around New York.

Sure, they could have just been heatedly discussing the situation in Syria, but we're not sure that subject would have made the veins on Simon's neck bulge out quite so prominently.

Whatever the cause of the ostensible tiff, their mood lightened and smiles appeared when they stepped out for a paparazzi-accompanied spa date.

"The couple looked relaxed and happy," a bystander tells People, adding that after they were pampered, "They walked out of the spa looking fresh."

That freshness probably didn't last long, since Simon, decked out in his usual white t-shirt and carbon-dated jeans, was also snapped sucking on a cigarette. He and Lauren capped off the day with a "romantic dinner" at an Italian eatery.

The "X Factor" judge, 53, has repeatedly expressed how thrilled he is to become a father with New York socialite Lauren, who was still married to his pal, Andrew Silverman, when word of the pregnancy leaked (their divorce was finalized last month, supposedly with a little help from Cowell).

"I love her, and I love the fact that I'm having this baby," Simon enthused to People, adding to In Touch, "I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm really looking forward to [fatherhood]. My dad was a great influence on me, and I hope I can teach my child some of what he taught me."

He's also dismissed speculation about Lauren's motives.

"There was a lot of stuff that was said about her: That she trapped me and that she's a gold-digger," Cowell told Ellen DeGeneres. "It's absolute nonsense. She's a great girl but, like I said, it was awkward because of the circumstances."


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