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Shortly after news of Demi Moore's hospitalization broke, her rep explained that she planned to seek "professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health." That seemed like an especially good idea after the release of the 911 call, in which her friends seemed to imply that the 49-year-old actress suffered a seizure after ingesting some questionable substances.

But E! News says that, as of a few days ago, at any rate, Demi hadn't yet entered a rehab facility but was undergoing "spiritual counseling," which may or may not be related to her longtime devotion to Kabbalah.

You'll recall that she turned to the red-stringed religion when her marriage to Ashton Kutcher was crumbling, with the fizzling pair reportedly going on a camping trip with their Kabbalah instructor.

Meanwhile, a source insists that Moore's apparent problems weren't triggered solely by the breakdown of her six-year marriage to the actor, 33.

"This is not just about Ashton," tattles the confidant to E!'s Ted Casablanca. "I'm sure Ashton would like to think it's all about him."

According to the insider, "What [Demi's] going through now is not just things not working out with Ashton. It's really more about the toll it takes on any ambitious woman in this town."

That toll supposedly includes "constantly having to prove you're not just a pretty face but a talented actor, as well. Constantly having to prove you're a good mother, not just a celebutante around town who goes to parties instead of looking after her family. Having to stay sober in a town that's so not."

Demi, whose oldest daughter, Rumer Willis, is believed to have been with her when she went into convulsions, had a brief stint in rehab way back in 1984.

Speculation continues over what landed the worryingly slimline star in the hospital, with current culprits including whip-its, energy drinks, Salvia and, out in front (via the New York Post), K2 Spice, a legal synthetic that fits the "she smoked something ... similar to incense" description given by her friend to the 911 operator.

Either way, at least one member of her inner circle assures everyone she's going to be just fine.

"I think she's doing much better than it's made out to be," downplays director Patty Jenkins. "Demi is awesome and so strong. I also hate when people make it a bigger drama than what is going on. She's great."


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