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Turns out the covers of a couple of this week's tabloids are worthy of a country song, what with talk that two A-list couples are speeding towards Splitsville.

"It's over! The fight that ended it all," blares Life & Style of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. "Constant fighting and jealous rages," alleges Star of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Not surprisingly, the celebs are calling foul over these stories.

Let's start with Blake and Miranda, who decided to deal directly with the resurrected reports of trouble in their almost three-year marriage. This time, the reasons for their supposed rift are his partying and her biological clock.

"Miranda gave him an ultimatum to shape up or ship out. She told him she wanted to start trying for a baby soon, but that he had to clean up his act first," contends a source. "I have no doubt that she's leaving Blake if he doesn't change."

The country couple, to their credit, found humor in the drama.

"Me and @mirandalambert are reading about our separation," Shelton tweeted on Wednesday. "S---!! I hope I get all the liquor in the divorce!!!"

Lambert zinged back, "AND the imaginary baby?!"

When a fan asked her, "Don't you guys separate every 6 months, and have a baby every 3 months?" she responded, "Yes it's very exhausting!!"

Blake and Miranda happily attended the ACM Awards together earlier this month, despite that "fight that ended it all."

Meanwhile, Star claims the nearly eight-year marriage of Kidman and Urban is on the rocks because of distance, her ostensible Botox use (this has suddenly come between them?) and his "flirtations."

The "American Idol" judge is supposedly spending much of his time jetting from Los Angeles to Sydney to visit his Oscar-winning missus and their two daughters.

"He's groveling," contends the source. "He told her that he wants to put their family first and get their marriage back on track."

While it's been close to a year since Nicole and Keith posed together on the red carpet, they were spotted in Sydney last week with daughters Sunday, 5, and Faith, 3.

An insider assures Gossip Cop that the twosome "couldn't be happier" and the report is "laughable." The actress' rep adds to Rumor Fix that the tabloid tale is "absolute rubbish."

Just days ago, Urban praised Kidman's ability to balance her busy career and their home life, calling her "an amazing wife and mother."

Gushed Keith, "I'm immensely blessed that I got to meet her in this life."


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