Talk about a big day!

"Growing Up Gotti" star John Gotti Agnello -- the son of Victoria and Carmine Agnello -- got hitched to his longtime love, Alina Sanchez, on Sept. 25.

The festivities were enjoyed by 500 guests at Oheka Castle on Long Island.

But John and Alina didn't have a regular old registry. Us Weekly reports that their hundreds of guests were required to bring gifts of at least $5,000 cash.

By the end of the almost 24-hour wedding celebration, the couple allegedly went home with around a cool $2.5 million to start their life together. Not a bad way to start married life, right?

However, that wasn't the only unusual element of the weekend's events.

The party went from 5 p.m. on Friday through 1 p.m. on Saturday, including a multicourse dinner at midnight and a huge breakfast at 7 a.m. Why such a long celebration, you might ask?

PageSix says that having a long party allows for all sorts of different characters to attend an event. "Felons can't consort together," one source said. "You have to stagger the felons. That's standard mob procedure."

Victoria Gotti has denied that's the reason the wedding went so long, but she didn't exactly offer any other reason either.

Notable guests included: John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, Kevin Connolly, Drea De Niro and Carmine Agnello, who got approval to attend the wedding while he's awaiting trial on racketeering charges in Cleveland.

Congrats to the happy couple!