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Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow's next issue of her Goop lifestyle and advice blog should offer safe driving tips. According to TMZ, the Oscar winner had a close call with a school bus last week in Los Angeles as she and her husband, Chris Martin, picked up their kids from school on Vespas.

In a paparazzi video of the incident, Paltrow appears to pull into traffic without looking behind her or in her side mirrors, despite carrying 9-year-old daughter Apple on the back of the scooter. She nearly collides with a slow-moving short yellow bus, which quickly hit the brakes and averted disaster.

Watch the video here.

As Gwyneth putts away, another Vespa, apparently driven by Martin, pulls out behind her, also with a child (believed to be their 7-year-old son, Moses) riding pillion.

On the plus side: The whole family is wearing helmets. Gwyneth and Apple were previously photographed enjoying a mother-daughter Vespa outing last month in the Hamptons.


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