Harper's Bazaar 1 / 6
Harper's Bazaar 1 / 6

Halle Berry graces the cover of the May issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, opening up about her younger boyfriend, her body, her new baby girl, and being excited about the future of America under President Obama's leadership. Click through for a preview of the feature.

On how you keep your mojo after having a baby:

"I have a 33-year-old man. That'll keep your mojo mojo-in'!"


On how pregnancy changed her body:

"Having a baby (Nahla) takes so much from you. It's the most glorious thing you'll ever do, but the aftermath is not so glorious! So now I'm having to exercise, eat a little bit differently, take a lot more vitamins."


On her food weaknesses:

"I like Doritos. I'm usually watching The Biggest Loser eating Doritos."


On Obama, racism, and hope for change:

"Nahla will grow up in a completely different America. Obama is someone who's more like her than not, who shares her history. Hopefully she'll grow up in a world where it'll be easier than I had it. I had a rough time. I was accused of stuffing the ballot box for my high school prom-queen election because they couldn't believe the only black girl in the school won."


On her guilty pleasures:

"Very boring, but I buy baby clothes online. Nahla can't wear all the clothes I've bought, and we don't go anywhere because I can't deal with the paparazzi. Gabriel's always like, 'She doesn't even leave the house! Halle, you've got to stop.'"


On having more kids:

"My pregnancy was amazing. I was happy that whole time, I felt good, I had energy, I was like Superwoman. I wish I could feel like that for the rest of my life, that's how fantastic it was."

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