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By Melissa Hunter

Earlier this week we reported on Daniel Radcliffe not being jealous that Robert Pattinson is the British tween franchise sex symbol du jour (a breaking news report, obviously). Well now Rupert Grint is giving D.Rad a run for his money as the sex symbol from the Harry Potter flicks. Kinda. Sorta. Well, not really at all.

Parade interviews Grint about the upcoming Potter installation, which has a scene where he and his lady love share a passionate kiss in the middle of a crowd. So what's it like for a 20-year old (who has come of age filming these movies) to have an on-screen romance? Let's just say it ain't pretty.

On his completely irrational fear of kissing in front of a massive crowd while being filmed for millions to see:

"It was quite intense. Ron's new girlfriend, Lavender, kind of attacks him. I had only really just met Jessie Cave, who plays her, and suddenly, we were kissing up a storm. I was quite worked up about it because we're in the middle of a huge crowd, and it's never really a comfortable thing to do right in front people."

On Daniel Radcliffe being the worst wingman a dude could have:

"Daniel wasn't great really when I did my kissing scene. I guess he hadn't forgotten I'd teased him when he got kissed. He was sort of standing at the back of the set trying to make me laugh. He was a little bit of a creep."

On which is more frightening - the horizontal tango or the regular tango:

"I did end up in bed with a girl in 'Driving Lessons.' I was really nervous and embarrassed. But watching it back was even worse than doing it. It was quite an uncomfortable experience. I also took salsa lessons and danced in that film, which was equally scary."

Don't worry, Rupert, if the romancing on-screen is a flop, you can always turn to one of the seven girls who hasn't seen your films.


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