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It seems Jesse James really does have a bit of a problem with commitment. Just a week after the motorcycle mogul checked into an Arizona rehab facility in what his rep described as an attempt "to help save his marriage" to Sandra Bullock, he supposedly ended his planned 45-day stint to deal with his so-called "personal issues."

That's according to Radar Online, which says the "broken man" left the Sierra Tucson clinic late last week when his A-list wife wouldn't pick up the phone when he called.

"He wants the marriage back," says an insider. "And then she refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center and he got furious and left."

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Sighs another snitch to Star, "It seems Jesse just isn't that serious about rehab after all." (Or maybe he realized that there's no real cure for an addiction to tattooed women who aren't your wife.)

But E! News says the reason behind his supposedly hasty retreat was due to rampant gum-flapping.

"He was fed up with all the media leaks from inside," says a source. "He had privacy and security concerns." The confidant insists James is still in "a program," but declined to offer details.

Radar, however, reports that Jesse has checked back into rehab (he's purportedly seeking treatment for sex addiction).

Sierra Tucson remains mum on his status. James' attorney has not responded to our request for comment on his whereabouts.

As for Sandra, she remains in seclusion at her Hollywood Hills estate, with her brief excursion last week to visit a billionaire businessman pal resulting in paparazzi pandemonium. Word is, top-of-the-line security is in place to keep anyone she doesn't want to see, whether it's the shutterbugs or her estranged hubby, at bay.

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On Friday, a moving truck was spotted outside the Seal Beach, Calif., home Bullock shared with James and his 6-year-old daughter, Sunny, until March 15, when she reportedly learned of the two-timing allegations.

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TMZ reports a couch, love seat and "tons of boxes" were removed from the residence. Over the weekend, photographers caught Sunny and Jesse's mother carrying boxes.

For now, the paps remain camped out at the Oscar winner's Los Angeles home. On Easter morning, Sandra's invited guests were joined by police and the fire department, who were apparently on hand to get the snapper situation under control.

As for Bullock's next move, Radar claims she has divorce papers at the ready, but there's no word on any immediate plans to pull the trigger.

"Her attitude toward Jesse hasn't softened since she found out he was cheating on her," relays a mole. "She's been betrayed and cheated on and she's not getting over that ... Why would she want to get back with him after what he did to her?"

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