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By Melissa Hunter

From dating co-stars over ten years her senior to wearing provocative clothes on the red carpet to getting a tattoo down the side of her back, 19-year old Hayden Panettiere isn't one to act her age. However, she did do one thing a careless not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman would do: she failed to spellcheck before visiting the tattoo artist.

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While we've only seen glimpses of her new ink on the red carpet, she gave the paps a full view as she's been strutting her stuff on a yacht in her best "Look how happy and buff I am, Milo" poses. The new bikini shots have been plastered all over the internet (oh, how we gossip sites love our bikini-clad starlets).

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Since then, some detail-oriented bloggers (or rather, bikini-oriented bloggers) have taken a closer look at her new ink. Hayden's tattoo reads "Vivere senza rimipianti," which should be Italian for "To live without regretted" or "To live without regrets." The problem is, the third word is actually spelled "rimpianti."

Think she can live without regretting that little mixup? The irony is so thick it sort of makes my head hurt.

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Well, it looks like Hayden has three options here -- 1) Own the mistake and stay true to her tatted motto, 2) Remove the word and rewrite it, or 3) Just add a few more Italian words down her leg so it reads "To live without regrets, e.g. not regretting the mistake I made with this tattoo."

Next on her list, Japanese characters that read, "Save the stripper. Save the globe."

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