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By Melissa Hunter, Reporting by Kelly E. Carter

Heidi Klum's Halloween extravaganza happened Saturday night and Wonderwall nabbed Heidi and Seal for a little chat about Halloween and their brand new baby girl.

As a woman three weeks out from her fourth baby, we had to ask the obvious question: How does she stay so impossibly fit?

"I still have a little pouch," she claims. "It's tucked in today."

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Personally, I think she should have embraced the pouch (which is German for "pooch"), and gone as a kangaroo mom with her brood in tow. Maybe next year.

But really, Heidi. Tell us your supermodel secrets. Pretty please?

"I don't exercise too much," says Heidi. "I walk on the treadmill a little bit. I walk up and down the driveway. I'm very active with the children. When you have three children and two boys, they're very active ... but when you breast-feed and you eat right and you move around a little bit, that usually does the job"

Huh. Moving around a little bit does the job, eh, Klum? We would hate you if you weren't speaking in an adorable German accent in a full-on crow's outfit.

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And should we expect a new beautiful bouncing baby next year? Might this be a Halloween tradition: Give birth and dress as a frightening animal? "No, that's it," she tells us. "I think four is a lot."

So what inspired her creepy crow costume, anyway? "I thought about many different things," she says. "I said I want to be a black crow. My husband is a good sport so there he is in a black crow outfit." Seal would have felt a bit emasculated by the whole situation, until of course he caught a glimpse of Doug Reinhardt as the tooth fairy.

Seal told us why he loves Heidi-ween as much as his wife. He says, "It's a chance for us to get out and have fun. As you can see she goes all out. She sets the tone. When they know she is going to commit to it then everyone really does. And Halloween is a very big part of American culture and we have four American children. That goes a lot into making it special for us."

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She also explains that she works with designer Martin Izquierdo for her costumes. She says, "He does all of the wings for Victoria's Secret. He does everything by hand. I said to him, 'This year I want to be a crow.' We drew sketches and I told him I want a beak and this and that. He did have different feet for me, like claw feet, but I couldn't walk in them. I said, 'Well, I just have to wear my Louboutins.'"

Aside from the discomfort, probably smart not to run the risk of any unfortunate crow's feet jokes.