Could've fooled Us, Heidi! America's Got Talent's new judge Heidi Klum is no stranger to getting dolled up in the latest designer dresses and heels, but when it comes to her beauty routine, the busy mom of four is decidedly much more low-key. "I don't like a lot of fuss," admits Klum, the spokeswoman for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. "I look like I'm high maintenance, but if you look in my bathroom, I don't have 10,000 products."

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Sums up Klum of her tried-and-true beauty routine: "I'm very easy -- if I like it and it works, I stick with it."

Stocking her vanity with budget-friendly products from Clear and Mario Badescu's skin care line, Klum, 40, can't live without Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs self-tanner. "It works really well! I use it all the time," Klum tells Us Weekly. "I apply it every time I when I'm wearing something short."

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Though she sticks to products she knows and loves, Klum isn't afraid to experiment when it comes to her hair. "I had a pink dress on when I was launching [my] Babies R Us [collection] and my hairdresser had this easy wax stuff that you put in your hair and it washes out," Klum recalled to Us. "The hairdresser was like, 'I have this, do you want to do it?' So I said, 'Why not!' and I had a layer of pink hair!"

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Klum isn't afraid to dole out constructive hair criticism to those she meets, either. "If I don't like someone's hair, I tell them they should cut it!" she explains with a laugh. "I just did that to a guy the other day. He has had long hair his whole entire life and he was hanging onto it. I told him, 'Your hair is stuck in the '70s. It's gotta go!' Even if people don't want to hear it, I tell them. It's in my nature because my mom does it too!"

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