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Even in a room full of exotic dancers, Heidi Montag still gets all the attention.

While hosting a party for Crazy Horse III Gentlemen's Club at Playground in Las Vegas on Oct. 19, the former "Hills" star wore a semi-sheer black top and tight leather shorts. Other attendees included Brace Land, who appears on the Showtime reality series Gigolos, and Spencer Pratt, Montag's husband of three years.

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It was a rare night out for Montag, who famously underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day in 2010. "Spencer's finishing his last semester at USC, so I've been there with him and just working on my book and just working out," the "Famous Food" star told Us Weekly. "That's my life."

The Crested Butte, Colorado, native has been staying in shape by "swimming a lot" and "doing CrossFit," a core strength and conditioning program. "I usually swim for, like, an hour," Montag explained. "I love it."

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Lauren Conrad's ex-BFF also maintains a strict diet. "When I'm eating healthy, I usually make chicken legs and put spices on it with basil and oregano and that's a good thing," Montag told Us. "Chicken noodle soup -- that's probably the best thing that I'm making."

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Once Pratt, 29, earns his political science degree, Montag, 26, hopes they'll "both be getting back on track with our jobs and with what we want to pursue." (The broke reality stars are currently living rent-free with Pratt's parents.)

Their future plan doesn't involve starting a family -- at least "not anytime soon," according to Montag. "I don't know if we're gonna have kids. We're both just kind of getting our lives on track, and we have four puppies. That's definitely enough for me."

Besides, Montag added, "I have two nieces and a nephew -- those right now are a lot."

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