The new March issue of Marie Claire features a group interview with Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin where the famous faces discuss Facebook, online dating and old answering machine messages, among other dating-related topics.

All three ladies say they're wary of meeting men online, but do the dudes they've met in Hollywood really have better track records? Even Halle Berry has dabbled in virtual matchmaking, so maybe the Not Into You actresses ought to give that a try?

Nope, no way, says Aniston. "The Internet freaks me out." She should tell that to her maybe/maybe-not boy toy John Mayer, who was just Twittering about buying an engagement ring. Ohhh, and that's probably why she called the World Wide Web "... so unreal and gives you this sense of order where there isn't any." Guess that means the wedding's off. Bummer.

Luckily Drew was there to cheer up Jen with this golden nugget of dating wisdom: "You think people tell the truth about themselves? Every guy is 6'4" with a huge schlong. That's why people love it so much. Internet does not equal sodium pentothal."

Huh? Sodium pentothal? What'choo talkin' about Drew? And just what kinds of websites is she looking at? The amateur chemistry expert then went on to fondly recall her old answering machine.

"When I first started dating, the big thing was Radio Shack answering machines. It was such a huge deal to run home and check your messages. And when you could actually check from another phone? That was, like, the craziest thing ever!"

Jen agreed, and then offered her own embarrassing little anecdote:

"I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband ... it's like saving love letters."

No Jen, saving old tapes of your ex's voices and playing them over and over again when you're feeling nostalgic is actually way creepier than reading old letters.

Though I guess if we had a voice mail message of Brad Pitt serenading us with the "I'll Be There For You!" theme song from Friends, we'd still be listening to it, too.