Baby Luca's first haircut! Hilary Duff's 13-month-old boy received his first trim on Tuesday, May 7 at the Tipperary salon for kids in Beverly Hills. The adorable towheaded tot seemed unflustered by the milestone moment, probably because he had his proud mom on hand for support.

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Opting to get his trim from the comfort of Duff's lap instead of one of the salon's car-themed seats, Luca calmly sucked on a green pacifier as a hairstylist cut away at his golden locks. His proud mama documented the entire experience with her iPhone, likely to show husband Mike Comrie later.

Duff, looking casual-chic in a plaid shirt, black scarf, and skinny jeans, recently spoke to the TODAY show about her new book, Elixir, the third in her trilogy of young adult novels. She also touched upon her life as a young mother. "I love it. I'm honestly obsessed with it," the 25-year-old Lizzie McGuire alum said of motherhood. "It's very humbling. It's all about him...It's his world. We're just living in it."

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"I feel like my heart just swelled," she added. "I didn't know I could love something so much. And that keeps getting more intense as he grows older."

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