Baby Rainbow Aurora isn't the only one in Holly Madison's house who needs to be potty-trained! The Playboy playmate's three dogs have been rebelling and peeing on whim, the new mom shared with Us Weekly on April 28.

Her pooches' potty problems may be an act of civil disobedience, Madison said at The Animal Foundation's 10th Annual "Best in Show" fundraising event in Las Vegas. "There's pee everywhere when I come downstairs," she shared."Before the baby came home, I think they could just sense it -- they started going wild. I think they're just saying, 'This is our house. It's not the baby's house.' "

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Madison, 33, who looked slim in a floral fit and flare dress just seven weeks after giving birth, even had to remove the dogs from her home, whom she shares with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, when baby arrived. "We actually had the dogs boarded at a training camp for two weeks when I first brought the baby home because I was afraid the dogs would be aggressive with the baby. They're little but they're very rambunctious and sometimes they get a little snappy with people," she explained.

Rainbow, for her part, hasn't had much interaction with her new four-legged housemates. "There are gates in certain areas and I always keep the door to my bedroom closed. That's where the baby sleeps right now, so it's off-limits," Madison assured. "I have her stroller that kind of keeps her above the dogs if I need to set her down for a second while I'm in the kitchen."

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"When the baby is a little bigger and has motor skills, I'll definitely introduce her to the dogs and teach her how to treat dogs, teach the dogs how to treat her," the protective mommy said.

Fortunately, Rainbow has been happily oblivious to the household drama. "She is doing great -- she really is a perfect baby," Madison gushed. "I'm really lucky because she'll sleep through most of the night. She'll wake up, like, once when she needs to be changed."

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