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Is Katy Perry back on with her rocker ex, Travis McCoy, four months after they parted ways? So says the London Sun, which claims it got confirmation of their ostensible back-on status from the Gym Class Heroes front man himself. "The break-up sucked. We're back together now," McCoy is quoted as saying. "We were moving way too fast. I was being juvenile about the entire thing. Now it's easy breezy. I'm happy and in love." At least to a point -- a point that appears to stop short of the altar. "I'm just enjoying the way things are right now," he adds. "I'm in no rush to get the ball and chain strapped to my legs." Perry, for her part, looked ball-and-chain-free during a recent bikini-stuffed getaway to Barbados with her beleaguered pal, Rihanna. The girl-kissing popster also turned up this weekend at Disneyland, where she achieved cute overload by posing with Hayden Panettiere and Minnie Mouse.

Katy Perry and Josh Groban Pucker Up

In related reunion whispers, it's looking more and more like a romantic resurrection for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. While the exes have repeatedly insisted that they're just great friends, says their seemingly rekindled flame was burning brightly on Saturday night, when they turned up at the bar of the Sunset Tower Hotel hand-in-hand and told pals, "We're back together." The pair, who split last summer after being joined at the lips for nearly a year, raised eyebrows with their recent touchy-feely appearance at the New York premiere of "Grey Gardens," where they kissed, hugged and giggled.

Drew and Justin Back Together ... For a Movie

Mary-Kate Olsen took to two wheels to quell reports that she's seeing someone new. The teeny twin was snapped enjoying a bike ride -- and a smooch -- with artist-beau Nate Lowman on Sunday in New York. The lip-on-lip action should help put to rest rumblings that she's cozying up to actor Bradley Cooper, with whom she supposedly enjoyed a tête-à-tête, along with some knee and arm touching, at a Tribeca Film Festival bash last week.

Mary-Kate Excited to be Tribeca Juror

Hugh Grant appears to be traveling in a pack these days. The New York Daily News says the actor, 48, arrived at model Jessica Stam's 23rd birthday party with four dates -- two blondes and two brunettes. Despite the Hef-like quartet, Hugh apparently kept it "low-key," quaffing his beer in between quietly sowing his middle-aged oats.

And finally, after more than seven years and one adorable tot together, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard may be looking to make things legal. According to the New York Post, the Brooklyn-based thespians, who welcomed daughter Ramona in October 2006, are planning to get hitched in Italy next month. If the aisle-walk happens, expect Maggie's brother, Jake, and his squeeze, Reese Witherspoon, to be part of the rice-tossing contingent.

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