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@thehughjackman / Instagram 1 / 11

Your move, Michael Strahan!

Hugh Jackman attempted to one-up "Live! with Kelly and Michael" host Michael Strahan on July 15 after the retired football player posted a photo of his snakeskin shoes.

"Had to finally unwrap my custom 1 of 1 Air Force One Customs," Michael said to the photo of his new silver kicks that were apparently made from a combination of python, shark, lambskin and eel.

Enter, Hugh, who decided to wear an actual live snake around his neck. (The image is likely to send shivers down your spine!)

"What's the problem @michaelstrahan?" he asked in funny response to the TV host's shoe image.

The terrifying photo just shows that the "Wolverine" star is braver than most. An animal lover, Hugh is consistently posting images to his Instagram account of himself and animals. A week ago he was hanging out with a Koala. "Happy hug a koala day. (Made that right up - but couldn't resist!) #happy," he captioned the image of, what else, him hugging the marsupial.

Just a few weeks prior, the Australian actor posted a video of himself feeding a hungry kangaroo. "This Kango knows where the buffet is!," Hugh said.

The actor is currently on a long trek with his family throughout Australia (they even rented a car!) Having said that, expect to see more images surfacing of the fearless Hugh palling around with mammals and reptiles. No word on what footwear he's using on his family vacation, but he can probably call Michael if he needs an extra pair of kicks.