Evan Agostini / Wonderwall 1 / 2
Evan Agostini / Wonderwall 1 / 2

Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have the ultimate bromance. They film movies together, go on trips together, celebrate holidays together - and even substitute for one another when one of them is unavailable.

McKellen, 75, recently stood in for his bestie in a particularly sentimental gig. A director named Brett Lotriet Best was planning to propose to his "Trekkie" boyfriend, Khalid Shawwa, and wanted to enlist the help of Stewart, 74.

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While Stewart was unable to lend a hand, Best found himself with a fantastic alternative: Stewart's best friend McKellen. The hopeful proposer filmed a video to pop the question, including the "Lord of the Rings" actor in the footage.

"There is a question I wanted to ask, but I had to be sure," Best explains on signs held in the proposal video.

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"We all know how you feel about Star Trek's Captain Picard," he continues about Stewart's famed sci-fi character. "So I searched the galaxy for Patrick Stewart and finally asked his best friend for help!"

McKellen then enters the shot, holding a clapperboard with the boyfriend's nickname reading, "Mookie - will you marry me?"

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"Khalid, I've got bad news for you - it's good news as well - but the bad news is, Patrick Stewart is married," he says of his BFF, whose 2013 wedding to Sunny Ozell McKellen officiated. "I married him. Well, no, I was the minister at the wedding. He's not available."

"The good news is that Brett is available," McKellen continued. "So, think it over, do the right thing."

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Best then asks Shawwa himself, adding, "I would like to explore the universe with you." To little surprise, he confirmed on Twitter that his boyfriend said yes.