Anoop Desai says he asked Ryan Seacrest to hurry it up when announcing who was going home on Wednesday night's American Idol.

"I actually told [him] right before the show, 'Hey man, don't mess around with me tonight, come on.' So I was glad it was relatively quick," The 23-year-old Chapel Hill, N.C. student told reporters during a Thursday afternoon conference call.

"And you know, if I had a choice, they would mail me the results!" he joked.

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Desai -- who was voted off with Lil Rounds -- says the show taught him to "roll with the punches."

His goodbye song "was the easiest performance I've ever done," he says. "There's something about the burden of having four people sitting in front of you who know are your harshest critics. With that burden relieved, I was free to sing the song with personality which is strange...I was very relaxed and that was the persona that I've been trying to put on stage for a little while."

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Rounds -- a 23-year-old mother of three from Memphis -- told reporters saying good bye to the only remaining female in the group, Allison Iraheta, 16, was the hardest part of leaving the show.

"We were crying, like a couple of girls really! That's my baby," Rounds says. "I just told her to hold her head up and keep it going for the ladies. She's such a phenomenal singer."

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