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File this under: We didn't see that coming!

One of Hollywood's toughest guys doesn't actually have a tough name, it turns out.

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Idris Elba, known for his ripped body and for taking strong, manly roles, was actually raised by another name, one that saw him being taunted as a child.

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"My name was Idrissa," he revealed to UK-based publication The Guardian. "I was not getting away with that. There was a kid who used to laugh every time my name was called out at registration. That's why I changed it."

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We, like others, never would have guessed that the guy who's played a drug dealing businessman and an escaped prisoner would ever be taunted for anything. Besides, have you seen this man's rippling muscles? Who would want to taunt this guy.

But, it's no bother, because we're sure Idrissa is having the last laugh now.