Ike Barinholtz will have a new project on his hands come July. The Mindy Project actor, 36, excitedly told Us Weekly that he and wife Erica Hanson are currently getting ready to be first-time parents to a baby girl this summer.

"I am reading a couple of books," the funnyman told Us at the American Idol top 6 elimination taping on Thursday, April 4, of how he's preparing for fatherhood. "I need like, a baby comic book. A great graphic novel would be so much more fun. But other than that I think I got it. I got a couple kids running around somewhere -- no, I'm kidding! That's a joke! I don't have any kids. This is my first one." 

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Barinholtz, who plays lovable nurse Morgan Tookers on the hit Fox show, added that he and his wife -- who is 7 months pregnant -- are currently starting work on a nursery for their pending bundle of joy.

"We're looking at a little bit of blue. We don't want to go pink," the actor mused. "Blue, I think. It's kind of cool." Perhaps more importantly, however, the couple, who tied the knot in 2009, are also brainstorming baby names for their daughter. 

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"My wife and I just started arguing about [baby names] recently, so we haven't even had a top three," he told Us. "Uh, Nicki Minaj Barinholtz, Carrie Underwood Barinholtz, Randy Jackson Barinholtz -- and not Randy, the full name Randy Jackson. We do have name books, but they're boring. Just literally a list of names."

But one thing is for sure, however. If Barinholtz has anything to do with it, his daughter won't be getting wrapped up in the entertainment industry or The Mindy Project anytime soon.

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"It would be terrifying and I don't know if legally you're allowed to do it and I would not wish that upon her!" the actor said. "I want her to be put away from all of this!"

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