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Janet Jackson is making many of her fans want to scream ... and not in a good way!

According to several fans, their Instagram accounts have been fully removed -- as in canceled -- after they posted video of the legendary singer from her "Unbreakable" tour. The fan's personal accounts, according to TMZ, were removed without warning.

The website said Instagram sent out an email to account holders saying their video uploads violated copyrights, since the copyright belongs to Janet and her label. It's likely that her camp is behind the social media cleansing.

Fans are not taking this in stride either, as they have now lost all non-Janet related images that they've posted in the past.

"Some users got a message saying their account has been permanently deleted," TMZ said.

Many fans are planning to boycott Janet and Instagram (the latter shouldn't be too difficult, as their accounts have met their demise.)

Sort of gives a whole new meaning to her song "Got 'Til It's Gone."