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Kate Hudson has already been credited with New York Yankees beau Alex Rodriguez's successful turnaround this season in the playoffs, and now it seems a big-bellied deity is further diminishing A-Rod's bat-swinging achievements.

The New York Daily News claims the slugger has been "flirting with Buddhism" (that scamp) because the actress is a longtime devotee.

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"It's an important part of her life," alleges a mole. "And it seems like Alex really just wants to make her happy."

According to an eyewitness, Kate was spotted last week at Yankee Stadium with what appeared to be prayer beads, which she "carefully" draped across the railing in front of her primo seats while cheering her honey on to victory.

"It was a long strand of brown beads," says the spy "and she and her friends would pick them up from time to time."

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Rodriguez, who previously immersed himself in the study of Kabbalah at the suggestion of red string-wearing onetime "good friend" Madonna, could be benefiting from the way Buddhism "encourages calm and concentration, and helps to reduce the overly narcissistic idea of the self," a professor of Buddhism and Tibetan Studies posits to PopEater. "This can help a person to immerse themselves in the interdependent flow of relationships on the playing field."

And possibly off.

The Daily News says Kate's mom, Goldie Hawn, is pleased that the baseball star, who has been seen house-hunting on both coasts with Hudson, is supposedly taking an interest in the family's spiritual bent.

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"Goldie more than approves of Alex," relays the snitch. "If he becomes a Buddhist, it'll only seal the deal."

Kate's rep didn't respond to our request for comment on the enlightenment chatter, but it turns out there's yet another, if equally nirvana-achieving, theory behind A-Rod's stellar recent performance.

In a word: nookie.

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"Sex naturally raises testosterone levels so an athlete may be more primed for success after having sex," a relationship authority explains to PopEater. "Men feel confident and relaxed after sex, and when a guy is having sex with someone who would be a source of envy amongst his peers, self-esteem goes way up."

Good to know.

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