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Is one Hilton checking out, while another is checking in?

According to a new report, Kyle Richards is apparently close to leaving "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (on her own terms), but her potential replacement isn't too far away. The New York Post is claiming that Kyle's older sister Kathy Hilton could replace her.

Paris and Nicky's mom has been approached already, a source told the newspaper, but "she doesn't know yet if she wants to be part of all the drama."

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Kyle has been on the Bravo reality TV show since the beginning, but she's reportedly had enough.

"Kyle hasn't been happy for two seasons now," a source said. "She has ruined any chance at a friendship with the cast mates and she isn't sure she can stomach another season."

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Kyle's sister Kim has also been on the show since its debut in 2010, but she, too, is believed to be on the outs, particularly because of her struggles with sobriety. Just last week it was reported that Brandi Glanville has been ushered out the door on "RHOBH," as well.

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And, this could be the tip of the iceberg - it seems that producers could be in for a huge overhaul.

"Both Richards sisters are fed up with the drama of reality TV and want out," a show source said. "Lisa Vanderpump feels the same way."