If Mariah Carey had a baby, would she name the child Butterfly, Rainbow or Charmbracelet? According to the New York Post, we may soon find out:

"Spies in LA saw the songbird coming out of a well-known ob/gyn's office on North Crescent Boulevard, 'clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers. She was ebullient.' It was the same type of paper that Minnie Driver was holding when she found out she was pregnant at the same doctor's office."

Now wait a gosh-darn baby-makin'minute, people. She was seen smiling and holding a piece of paper while coming out of an office building? Clearly there are multiple other rational conclusions we could jump to here, like...

- She just passed her driver's test.

- She doesn't have the clap.

- She won't need her wisdom teeth out after all.

- She scored over 1000 on her S.A.T.s

- She just obtained a copy of Mary Carey's death certificate.

- Nick Cannon got all A's on his report card this semester.

But yeah, a baby would be cool too, we guess.