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By Michelle Lanz

Now that Tiger Woods' "transgressions" are all out in the open, the question remains about whether his jilted wife Elin Nordegren (now sans wedding ring) will stay or go. Who better to dish out advice on divorcing billionaires than the queen of alimony, Ivana Trump, who received an estimated $20 million settlement after divorcing ex-hubby Donald Trump in 1990.

The heiress spoke exclusively to Life & Style about what she would recommend Elin do to move on or stick it out.

On how she should get away from it all:

"I'd tell her to retreat to a safe haven with her children. They'll give her strength and comfort."

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On how she shouldn't make a rushed decision:

"There's no need to make a quick decision one way or the other. If she still loves Tiger, she should work it out. If she doesn't, she needs to find a way to end the marriage. But she doesn't have to make up her mind on anyone else's timetable."

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On how money isn't everything:

"Tiger will, I am sure, provide well for his wife and children. At no point do I think Elin's going to go broke. She just needs to listen to her heart."

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On how time heals all wounds:

"The heart is a wonderful gift, but it needs time to mend."

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