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Ask, and James Franco fans shall receive. The 35-year-old actor posted an "almost nude" photo of himself on Instagram for his fans on Dec. 6. See the best celebrity selfies of 2013.

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"#Almostnude -- YOu ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT it," Franco captioned the bathroom selfie. "Tryna work that body, tryin', tryin'." In the photo, the This Is the End star poses in front of a bathroom mirror while wearing only a white towel wrapped low around his waist.

Franco flaunts his abs, slim body and tiny smidge of chest hair in the shot. With a serious expression on his face, the Oscar-nominated actor flashes a "rock on" hand gesture at the camera.

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Perhaps Franco's fans were disappointed that the he didn't show off his shirtless body in his recent "Bound 3" music video spoof with Seth Rogen. The costars and good friends taped a shot for shot reenactment of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's "Bound 2" music video last month. In the parody, Franco took on the role of (fully clothed) West while Rogen went shirtless to play Kardashian.

But that doesn't mean Franco is shy about being naked on screen. He went nude for a skinny dipping scene in the 2009 film "Milk" co-starring Sean Penn.

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