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James Van Der Beek has a new TV show, but if he was out of a job, chances are he would have reached out to "Dawson's Creek" costar Michelle Williams.

"Michelle was always incredibly smart," he told the New York Post Saturday, April 12. "I always joked that we'd all be asking Michelle for a job. I thought she would produce, she would write."

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Indeed, Williams, 33, went on from "Dawson's Creek" to become the most successful among the show's four central stars, which included Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson. Williams has been nominated for three Oscars and worked on blockbuster movies like Oz: The Great and Powerful. On Thursday, Louis Vuitton released its new spring 2014 ad campaign, featuring the star looking flawless and fabulous for the French fashion brand. It coincides well since the A-lister will soon star in an upcoming war drama titled Suite Francais.

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"She was always a deep thinker, way beyond her years," Van Der Beek, 37, added of the star. "She was the youngest of us, age-wise, and the oldest in every other way."

Now, nearly 11 years after the beloved WB series ended, Van Der Beek is slated to star on a new CBS show, "Friends With Better Lives."

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The actor, who's now married and dad to three young kids -- son Joshua and daughters Olivia and Annabel -- also doled out some free advice for Justin Bieber!

"You're able to make people very happy by doing something simple," the actor said to the pop star. Those words were apparently shared with Van Der Beek by Jon Voight.


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