James Wilkie Broderick rides in style! Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker's son got a lift to school from his bike-riding dad on Tuesday, May 14 in the NYC's Soho nabe. While the adorable helmet-clad 10-year-old relaxed on the back seat of the two-wheeler, his 51-year-old papa did all the hard work, even wearing his backpack for him!

The tween looks to be a mini-me of his father, but his fashionista mom's influence was clearly on display: For his Tuesday school attire, James Wilkie wore eye-catching, mismatched sneakers, one green and one cream-colored.

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Parker, 48, recently spoke to Us Weekly about her children's creativity and style. "First of all, any note that James Wilkie writes me is an incomparable gift," she told Us. "He writes such lovely, sweet, touching notes that are sometimes quite funny, and my daughters draw me pictures all the time, and if I'm away, they mail me wonderful, wonderful pictures of themselves, self portraits." Twin girls Tabitha and Marion are 3.

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The former Sex and the City star also spoke to Us about her husband's thoughtfulness on Mother's Day: "My husband is extremely good about acknowledging that day. We don't have a celebration, but there's always food that I like, which is all that matters to me."

After dropping off James Wilkie at school, Broderick circled back home to take the girls to pre-school. Fortunately, for his second school commute of the day, his daughters chose to scoot themselves.

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