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Life & Style / . 1 / 8

By Melissa Hunter

Apparently Jamie Jungers, Mistress Number, um, let's say 5, made sure she got her money's worth when sleeping with Tiger Woods.

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According to Life & Style, Tiger indirectly paid for Jungers' liposuction. A "friend" of Jamie's says, "Tiger gave Jamie thousands of dollars. She took that money to get liposuction on her thighs." Wow, these Tiger tidbits keep getting classier and classier, don't they?

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To refresh your memory, Jamie's the one who is a model for the high-end line Trashy Lingerie. At this point, she has not come out directly with her story. But surely she's just waiting for the gossip rags to outbid each other until she can afford the glute implants of her dreams.

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