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Unlike many women, Jane Fonda was not swept off her feet by Warren Beatty's charms when they met for the first time more than 55 years ago.

According to a new interview with W magazine, the 77-year-old veteran actress joked that she thought Beatty "was gay" the first time they met.

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The magazine brought up that Fonda, 77, and Beatty, 78, both experienced their first screen test together in 1959 while auditioning for a movie called "Parrish," which was never made.

Apparently legendary Hollywood Lothario Beatty -- who's been married to Annette Bening since 1992 -- had previously recalled that during their audition, he and Fonda "were thrown together like two lions in a cage and kissed until we had practically eaten each others' heads off."

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But Fonda told W she didn't remember the test and joked, "I thought Warren was gay. He played piano, and all his friends were gay."

She did, however, clearly remember how she felt about another handsome costar: Robert Redford, now 78.

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"I was so in love with Bob," Fonda told W of her leading man in 1967's "Barefoot In the Park.""Nothing ever happened between us, but he certainly was fabulous to kiss."