Breakups are always hard, especially when you're famous and every single person in the world knows about it, and feels that they are qualified to judge every single one of your life choices.

So, when singer Jordin Sparks and rapper Jason Derulo called it quits after three years, the reaction from anonymous people on the internet - who felt that they somehow knew the inner workings of the couple's relationship - was swift.

NEWS: Jordin Sparks Tweets Heartbreaking Message After Jason Derulo Breakup

On Sunday, Derulo finally responded to all the "haters" with this semi-cryptic post on Instagram.

The image is of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby raising a glass of champagne, with the large-font text that reads, "Cheers to my haters. Be patient, so much more is coming…"

Of course, there was no other caption to the image, because that would be too easy.

On Saturday, Derulo made his first public appearance when he performed at the Los Angeles Coliseum alongside the University of Southern California Marching Band, where he performed 'Trumpets'.

According to Sparks and Derulo, their split was not the usual contentious, miserable collapse that so many showbiz relationships succumb to. Apparently, it was actually rather amicable.

VIDEO: How Does Jordin Sparks Feel About Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' Hit?

Jordin sparks even tweeted after the breakup, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." She even added little hearts at the end. That's the sign of a healthy and mutual separation.

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