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By Dana Flax

Last night, amidst the scenic backdrop of Paramount Studio's Hollywood lot, the Environmental Media Association recognized this year's most outstanding contributions to environmental causes and green initiatives in the media.

Host Cedric The Entertainer joked with the crowd (which included Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Ginnifer Goodwin) between acceptances from Jason Mraz, Richard Branson and the National Geographic Society, whom all received honorary awards for their model green-ness. Way to go, guys!

Check out the full list of EMA winners below.

Feature Film

"Disneynature EARTH" (Walt Disney Studios)
Director: Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield
Executive Producers: Stefan Beiten, Don Hahn, Amanda Hill, Andre Sikojev, and Nikolaus Weil
Producers: Sophokles Tasioulis and Alix Tidmarsh
Associate Producers: Melissa Caron, Michael Henrichs, Amanda Hill, and Connie Nartonis Thompson
Post Production Producer: Jon Thompson
Series Producer: Alastair Fothergill
Writers: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield, and Leslie Megahey

Documentary (Tie)

"Food, inc." (Magnolia Pictures)
Director: Robert Kenner
Executive Producers: William Pohlad, Robin Schorr, Jeff Skoll, and Diane Weyermann
Producers: Robert Kenner and Elise Pearlstein
Co- Producer: Richard Pearce, Melissa Robledo, and Eric Schlosser
Associate Producers: Sascha Goldhor and Jay Redmond

"THE COVE" (Oceanic Preservation Society)
Director: Louis Psihoyos
Executive Producer: Jim Clark
Producers: Paula DuPré Pesman, Fisher Stevens
Co-Producer: Olivia Ahnemann
Writer: Mark Monroe

Television Episodic Drama

"Brothers and Sisters: 'It's Not Easy Being Green'" (ABC)
Producers: Sherri Cooper-Landsman and David Marshall Grant
Writers: Jon Robin Baitz, Peter Calloway, and Sherri Cooper-Landsman
Director: Laura Innes

Television Episodic Comedy

"Better Off Ted: 'Jabberwocky'" (ABC)
Executive Producer: Victor Fresco
Co-Executive Producers: Justin Adler, Michael Glouberman, Dan O'Shannon, Michael Ross, and Mike Teverbaugh
Consulting Producer: Michael Fresco
Associate Producer: Lisa Lannone
Writer: Michael A. Ross
Director: Michael Fresco

Reality Program

"The Lazy Environmentalist: 'The Lazy Family/The Lazy Pet Groomer'" (Sundance Channel)
Executive Producers: Sarah Barnett, Mala Chapple, Lynne Kirby, and David Metzler
Co-Executive Producer: Natalia Garcia
Consulting Producer: Josh Dorfman
Vignette Producer: Heather Feldbaum
Associate Producer: Cydney Kaplan and Eric Kutner
Sr. Producer: Kyung Sun Yu
Writer: Josh Dorfman

Children's Live Action

"Biz Kid$: 'The Green Economy'" (PBS)
Executive Producers: Jeannine Glista, Erren Gottlieb, Jamie Hammond, and James McKenna
Line Producer: Norma Jean Straw
Writers: Phil Laaveg, Brian Rosenquist, Steve Birge, Michael Gross, John Keister, and James McKenna
Director: Dean Bushala

Children's Animated

"Wild About Safety -- TIMON AND PUMBAA: 'Safety Smart Goes Green'" (Disney Channel)
Executive Producers: L. Mark Medernach
Producer: Daniel Ridgers and Dave Bossert
Associate Producer: Liane Abel Dietz
Writer: Douglas Segal
Director: Dave Bossert

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