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Unlucky number 13! Jenelle Evans is again seeing life from behind bars after she was arrested for the 13th time in five years -- this time for allegedly assaulting her ex fiance's new girlfriend.

Jenelle, according to the Horry County Police Department in South Carolina, was arrested on the afternoon of Aug. 20, 2015, for attacking Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend.

"She was assaulted by her boyfriend's ex, who threw a drinking glass at her head, causing injury," the police department said in a statement.

The dark-haired "Teen Mom 2" star appears stone-faced in her latest mugshot, her glassy eyes staring blankly at the camera. She knows the drill by now, as mugshots have become second nature to her, considering her war chest of arrests.

TMZ reports that the whole fiasco started after Nathan showed up at her South Carolina home to get his belongings. He brought along a new girlfriend, which didn't sit well with Jenelle, who came charging out of the house and allegedly threw a glass at the girl, striking the new girl in the head.

A rep for Jenelle says the reality star felt Nathan was provoking her by bringing over the new girl.