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Jenelle Evans can relax -- for now. The "Teen Mom" star's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, confirmed to Us Weekly on Friday, that the star was able to get one of her misdemeanor charges for cyberstalking dropped during a July 25 court appearance in North Carolina.

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The 21-year-old, mom to son Jace, 3, faced charges of cyberstalking, which was filed against by her ex-fiance, Gary Head. "That matter was dismissed, which is good," Sullivan told Us. "He has actually never showed up to court, [so] the state just could not prosecute."

Evans still faces felony drug charges and a simple assault charge, stemming from her April 23 arrest with estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Both of those charges will be addressed during Evan's upcoming August 12 court date, according to Sullivan. (On April 23, police found 12 bindles of heroin in Evan's car and both she and Rogers were charged with the possession to sell, manufacture and/or distribute.)

Sullivan tells Us that he's working on coming up with a plea agreement before the August 12 date and is confident about the case. "I'm very optimistic about the outcome," he said. "My goal was always to get rid of those felonies because those were the biggest of her concerns."

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The MTV star, who recently got her appendix taken out, is doing much better since her arrest, according to Sullivan. "She's in a pretty good spot right now, which is a good thing," he told Us. "I think she's optimistic. She looks a lot healthier. I think she's in a lot better spot than [when] she was around Courtland, for sure."

Meanwhile Rogers, 27, served jail time since their double arrest, when he was charged with felony possession of heroin and assault on a female [Evans].

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"From what I've heard, it was a split sentence, which means that he was facing a lot more time than what he actually served, but because he served so much, it's basically like, we'll give you partial credit for what you are potentially facing, and then the remainder of time, you'll be placed on probation and if you were to violate probation, then you've got to just do the remainder of that sentence," Sullivan explained, who does not serve as Rogers' attorney.

Evans and Rogers tied the knot in December 2012 after just a few months of dating.


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