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In light of John Mayer's recent stand-up comedy fiasco, after which he was dubbed an "accidental racist," it's no wonder that Jennifer Aniston is hoping that her next boyfriend will act his age, not, say, the number of words he can fit into a Twitter post.

An insider tells People magazine that the actress, 40, "will never date an immature boy again."

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In other words, she's finally on board with the multitudes who thought her erratic romance with the self-described undersexed crooner was a really horrible idea.

"She's ready for an older, responsible man," declares the source, who says that Jen has already waded back into the dating pool.

Meanwhile, it seems Aniston is also fed up with how she's automatically assumed to be dating any male who happens to be seen in her personal space (see Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, et al).

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"I think one of the main reasons Jen is seriously considering starring with Adam Sandler [in the recently announced romcom 'Pretend Wife'] is he's one guy who won't be splashed all over the tabloids for allegedly having an affair with her," a pal tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "the way she's been linked with most of her co-stars ever since she divorced Brad Pitt!"

Speaking of her former hubby, have you seen this week's guffaw-worthy Star cover story, "Jen's Joy! Baby at Last -- with Brad's help"?

The tale revolves around Pitt supposedly offering his support to Aniston after she decided to become a single mother and adopt following a visit to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

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"At first she wasn't sure she'd be strong enough," overdoes a source, "[but] Brad really gave her the courage to move forward."

And how did he do that? Well, the tab says he's ushering her through the "complicated, nerve-wracking adoption process" and assuring her that she'd "be an amazing mother. I've always believed that."

According to the tab, that ostensible sentiment prompted her eyes to well up. Then, she "pretty much lost it ... For some reason, hearing Brad say those words to her was exactly what she needed."

(Cheese and crackers, are we the only ones who need an antacid after reading this?)

As expected, Angelina Jolie is said to have "exploded" upon learning of Aniston's dastardly plans to bring home a baby boy, because you know how anti-orphan she is.

Not believing it?

Neither is Aniston's rep, who succinctly tells Gossip Cop, "Jennifer is not adopting a baby."

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