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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler sure looked like they were having fun at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. She was seen in the audience resting her magnificently coiffed head on his burly shoulder; he was snapped leering at her gams as she demonstrated just how high the slit on her body-hugging black gown went.

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But did the "Bounty Hunter" co-stars, who have repeatedly denied hookup speculation that began while they were shooting the flick last summer, also enjoy a little private time together at the ceremony, where they handed out Best Screenplay honors?

"After they presented, they were drinking Moët backstage," a snitch tells the New York Post. "At one point, they were making out in the kitchen."

Because nothing sets a romantic mood quite like clanging dishes and cold stainless steel surfaces.

"They were attached at the hip all night. They definitely seemed very couple-y," continues the spy. "Producers for the show were actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies."

Or maybe the producers were just giggling over playing a small part in helping to promote the pair's upcoming movie ("The Bounty Hunter," in theaters March 19!).

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We contacted Jen's rep for comment on the saliva-swapping report, and he wasted no time in shooting it down.

"They were not making out," spokesman Stephen Huvane tells Wonderwall. "That is completely false."

What is true: Jen and Gerry are spending time together as they gear up for the movie's release.

People magazine reports the actress, 40, and the Scottish star, 40, had a tête-à-tête over the weekend at a pre-Golden Globes private party, where "social butterfly" Aniston also chit-chatted with the newly single Jake Gyllenhaal, her co-star in "Good Girl."

The now Reese Witherspoon-free actor "was in a great mood," says an eyewitness.

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Meanwhile, Jen should brace herself for another barrage of tired-bordering-on-exhaustion comparisons to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

According to PopEater, Aniston and Butler recently spent a couple of days in the desert photographing what is described as "the raciest cover that W magazine has ever shot. Far more sexy than the famous Brad and Angelina pictures in bed."

(In that classic 2005 photo shoot, Brad and Angelina posed as a malaise-suffering, '60s-style married couple, although the effect was intentionally more disturbing than steamy. The pictures later prompted Aniston to say of Pitt, "There's a sensitivity chip that's missing.")

For the forthcoming "nuclear hot" spread, Jennifer supposedly poses in "ultra-sexy lingerie" while Gerry struts around as a leather-outfitted cop. (Personally, we'd find this a lot more titillating if Butler wore the unmentionables and Aniston laid down the law.)

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As for their cozy Globes appearance, PopEater says it was business, not personal.

"The studio asked them to present together at the Golden Globes and then made them sit together to watch the rest of the show hoping it would promote their upcoming movie ...," relays a confidant of the actor. "And while Gerry likes Jen, there is nothing romantic going on between them. The minute the Globes ended, Gerry couldn't wait to say goodbye and go to ALL the parties while Jen, who has never been a party type girl, went home alone."

Besides, Butler reportedly capped off his night by getting his flirt on in the valet line with "Avatar" beauty Zoe Saldana.

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