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Jennifer Aniston has been slapped with a lawsuit by construction firm bosses amid allegations she owes $43,000 for work carried out on her Los Angeles property.

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Executives at J.R. Darnell Associates, Inc. have launched legal action against the former "Friends" star, alleging she never paid for the building of a deck at her home in Bel Air, Calif., which was subsequently demolished just days later.

In documents filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court, the plaintiffs claim Aniston hired the company to do some renovation work last October and asked them to complete several other projects until March 2013.

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The contractors state there was never any problem with work or payment until Aniston reportedly failed to settle a bill for a $43,710 deck they had constructed for a party on March 24.

A complaint was filed about alleged leaking on the deck the day after the party, but before bosses could send an expert to examine the structure, it had been demolished.

Aniston has allegedly failed to return calls, according to legal papers obtained by editors at TMZ.

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