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By Molly McGonigle, with reporting by Ericka Goodman

As a musician, actress, businesswoman and mom, Jennifer Hudson has her hand in a little bit of everything. And with what little free time she has, Jennifer decided to create a fashion line for QVC. Luckily, Wonderwall got the chance to catch up with this busy bee while at QVC's Fashion's Night Out party on Sept. 6 in New York. Jennifer talked all about her personal fitness goals, her desire to have a daughter and more. Plus, she even shared some great mom-to-mom advice for Jessica Simpson on how to lose baby weight.

Wonderwall: Are you happy with the weight you're at now?

Jennifer Hudson: Actually, I think this is the final, lowest weight. I actually was just filming a movie where I had to lose 10 pounds, but I started thinking maybe this is too tiny. I still like to have some curves. I just spent that past week working my way up to my ideal weight.

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WW: How did you do that?

JH: Chocolate. I love chocolate. I ate the rest of my weight. I got to the point where I was like, this is enough. So I've gained all the weight back.

WW: What are your thoughts about Jessica Simpson doing Weight Watchers?

JH: It can be tough. But if you take the public out of it and just focus on yourself, you're better off. She needs to take the public out of the equation. It just makes it more stressful, if she's doing it just for herself, then that's all that matters! If she's a Weight Watchers girl, then she's got to know that Queen Weight Watchers girl is there in spirit and will always support her. I started right after having my baby, so I'm sure she can do it as well. She just needs to track those points, and keep the right mindset.

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WW: Are you ready to have a second baby yet?

JH: Yes, I do want a baby girl. My boy is now 4, actually 3 now. I'll wait until he's almost 5 so he can help change diapers. I need him to help mommy out. I've got a whole plan.

WW: What was your inspiration for your QVC line?

JH: Just sharing my clothes with my fans. I wanted to make things that I love to wear just more affordable, so the average person, the everyday girl, can have clothes that they love. I've always been into clothes and just fashion in general, and growing up, I'd point to a dress and say, that's a Jennifer-style dress, and now it really is a Jennifer original. This is all just an extension of me. Another side of Jennifer.

WW: Who do you have style crush on?

JH: I'd have to say me. No, really! Style is all about your own personality. It's about something that just works for you. It's more of a reflection of yourself. Everyone should be their own style crush.

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